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saathanaithamizhaawardTamilithal & GTAA (Global Tamil Artist Association) have jointly organised The Saathanai Thamizha Award Ceremony, to honour Tamil Artists and their Products which were released in 2013 and Tamil radio- and TV-presenters from Europe.

You can vote for:

Favourite TV Presenter Nominees:


- Dinesh Kumar (Deepam TV and earlier GTV presenter)
- Jeeva Mugunthan (GTV presenter)
- Karthiga Vignerswaran (Deepam TV presenter)
- Prem (GTV presenter)
- Sivagami Vinayagan (Deepam TV and earlier Vectone Tamil TV presenter)
- Yoga Thinesh (Deepam TV and earlier IBC Tamil Radio presenter)

Favourite Radio Presenter, Nominees:


- MP Arokiyanathan (IBC Tamil and ABC Tamil presenter)
- Nada Mohan (London Tamil Radio and earlier Cee(I)TV Tamil presenter)
- Para Kanthan (ILC Tamil presenter)
- RJ Pavithra (Vettri Vaanoli and earlier IBC Tamil presenter)
- S.K. Rajan (IBC Tamil and earlier Thamizhamutham Radio presenter)
- Thevan Kugathasan (ETR.FM presenter)

Voting: Now Open - 5 June (http://saathanaithamizha.com/index.php/en/vote)
Method: Online & Sms
More Details: www.saathanaithamizha.com 
Call; +447472606070
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The award show will take place on June 20th from 17.00-22.00 in Crystal Clubs (1 Poppin Building, HA9 0HB Wembley, Brent, United Kingdom):

Please vote and support our presenters and the organizers of this award show! :-)