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ibctamilyupptvLondon Tamil Media Ltd.'s channels, IBC Tamil TV, IBC Music, IBC Comedy and IBC Bakthi have now been added to Yupp TV's IPTV platform. 
When Lebara Play was sold to Yupp TV, most of the channels were migrated to Yupp TV's Tamil TV packages - but not IBC channels. After some negotiations between Yupp TV and IBC management, they have finally agreed about the distribution of the channels. 

Compared to Lebara Play, IBC Tamil has more benefits of the new partnership with Yupp TV. Yupp TV is a very popular and big IPTV-service, which is available in many parts of the word, and offers many channels in different Indian languages. Compared to Lyca TV, Yupp TV has more channels to offer. 

In Europe, Yupp TV offer following channels; 

  1. IBC Tamil TV
  2. IBC Isai 
  3. IBC Pagadi
  4. IBC Bakthi 
  5. KBO
  6. KBO UK
  7. Sun TV
  8. KTV
  9. Sun Music
  10. Adithya TV
  11. Sun News
  12. Sun Life
  13. Zee Tamil
  14. Star Vijay
  15. Tamil One (by Eelam Tamils from Canada)
  16. Polimer TV
  17. Polimer News
  18. Kalaignar TV
  19. Sirippoli 
  20. Murasu
  21. Isai Aruvi
  22. Seithigal
  23. Chithiram
  24. Captain TV
  25. Captain News
  26. Jaya TV HD
  27. Jaya TV HD UK
  28. Jaya Movies
  29. Jaya Movies UK
  30. Jaya Max
  31. Jaya Max UK
  32. Jaya Plus
  33. News 7
  34. Puthiya Thalaimurai
  35. Thanthi TV
  36. Makkal TV
  37. Vendhar TV
  38. Puthuyugam TV
  39. Vasanth TV
  40. Raj TV
  41. Raj TV UK
  42. Raj Digital 
  43. Raj Digital Plus
  44. Raj Musix
  45. Raj News 24x7
  46. Dheeran TV
  47. DAN TV
  48. DAN Music
  49. DAN News
  50. Ohm TV (Hinduism)
  51. Holy Mary (Christianity)
  52. Pirai TV (Islam)
  53. Hosanna TV (Christianity)
  54. Shakthi TV (Sri Lanka)
  55. Swastik TV (Hinduism)
  56. Angel TV (Christianity)
  57. Sri Sankara TV (Hinduism)

+ Several other channels in Hindi, Malayalam etc. 

Currently IBC Tamil TV channels are only available in some regions of Yupp TV coverage. They expect to offer IBC channels in USA soon. 

Lyca TV in Europe offer these channels: 

  1. Athavan TV
  2. Athavan TV HD
  3. Lyca Music HD
  4. Lyca Classic TV
  5. Sun TV
  6. KTV
  7. Sun Music
  8. Sun Life 
  9. Adithya TV
  10. Zee Tamil
  11. Jaya TV
  12. Jaya TV HD
  13. Kalaignar TV
  14. Murasu
  15. Sirippoli
  16. Chithiram
  17. Isai Aruvi
  18. Deepam TV
  19. Vendhar TV
  20. Puthuyugam TV
  21. Thanthi TV
  22. Raj TV
  23. Raj News 24x7
  24. Raj Digital Plus
  25. Raj Musix
  26. DAN TV
  27. DAN News
  28. Ohm TV
  29. Holy Mary (Christianity)
  30. TET HD (from Canada)
  31. Santhora TV
  32. Santhora TV HD
  33. Santhora Shortfilm TV
  34. Puthiya Thalaimurai
  35. Captain TV
  36. Polimer TV
  37. Makkal TV
  38. Nethra TV (Sri Lanka)
  39. Vasantham TV (Sri Lanka)
  40. Peppers TV
  41. Tamil Business TV
  42. 7S Music
  43. Tamil Nila TV
  44. Tamilan TV
  45. Madha TV (Christianity)
  46. Sivan TV (Hinduism)
  47. Sri Sankara TV (Hinduism)
  48. SKTAT TV (Hinduism)
  49. HGTV (Christianity)
  50. LORD TV (Christianity)
  51. FCM TV (Christianity)
  52. NLM TV (Christianity)
  53. Hosanna TV (Christianity)
  54. My Jesus TV (Christianity)
  55. New Light TV (Christianity)

Compared to Yupp TV, Lyca TV has many religious channels.